Mindful Pain Management – Wednesday 6:30pm-7:45pm

Learn how to manage your pain!  Mindful Pain Mangement is a system of applying self-awareness in order to alleviate one’s own pain.  This complimentary system is helpful for managing all forms of pain, especially muscular and skeletal.  During the class, you will explore the causes of pain and learn methods of self-treatment including body awareness, energy movement and focused healing.

Instructor:  Greg Lemich
$15/class or 8 class for $95


Reiki Community Night Wednesday 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Want to learn about Reiki?  Drop in and recieve a mini-session.  benfits include stress relief and pain management.
Already a Reiki Practitioner?  Come and meet other practitioners and participate in a Reiki Share.  Whether you are just starting or are a professinal teacher, come by and help us build a Reiki Community in Laurel

Lead by: Greg Lemich


MidAtlantic Fertility Support Group

Are you trying to conceive and finding that it is taking longer than you thought it would?

With the tremendous expense of Artificial Reproductive Therapy (ART) and the harsh effects of the drugs used in IVF and IUI,  please educate yourself on safe, effective and natural options that you could try as you make decisions about whether ART or other, more natural, less invasive choices are for you. This group focuses on overall health to support fertility, and is meant to provide peer-to-peer support for women who are concerned about their fertility and want to understand proven options that are available to enhance fertility.

Each meeting will focus on:
* creating a supportive environment for women who are trying to conceive
* providing information about natural, healthy, safe, and effective options to enhance fertility

In each meeting there will be time for peer-to-peer sharing about your experiences, and some time with experts who will share tips and techniques to empower you in your own fertility.

DATES: Go to the MAFSG Meetup Website to see the Meeting Calendar for Laurel.

Led by: Pamela Howard, M.A., M.Ac., L.Ac.

Donations accepted.  your donation goes to support the owner in his generous gift of the space for our use no one will be turned away for lack of funds.